In his paintings, Emanuel Ranný presents himself in his hitherto unknown exploration in the field of painting, in which he dares to probe the most vital layers of the human being, at which one cannot arrive with the use of words, but through feelings only. Brushwork and the possibilities of colours result in an adventure of self-fulfillment in the field of artistic imagination, which is capable of speaking and communicating in much the same way as music. Emanuel Ranný thus presents his production, which gushed out spontaneously as if in confrontation with his previous print making. This surprising confrontation of the graphic artist and the painter has become an intimate dialogue of this artist with himself. In a different form, it unexpectedly reflects his personality, as he successfully managed to do in his large engravings in the technique of drypoint and the original blurring.

František Dvořák, Gallery UBK Prague, 2007